Treadmill bike

Just walk when riding your bicycle. Treadmill Bicycle (Big Innovation). The unique experience of walking on a bike is allot of fun.

Half an hour of walking on the Lopifit is also good for your heart, blood . Look no further than the Treadmill Bike by the Bicycle . The initial concept was created in the Netherlands. Now the Utrecht-based firm is distributing the bikes to several countries, including the US .

Lopifit When a Dutch inventor got bored with walking on his treadmill, he decided to take it on the road — and . The treadmill bike is fitted with an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery, which means moving it along takes “no more effort than a . The Treadmill Bike – Løbebåndscyklen. Treadmillbike Det her, det havde du med garanti aldrig forestillet dig: Løbebåndscyklen! The idea behind Lopifit is cunningly simple – take a treadmill and mount it onto a bike.

This clever modification means that people can enjoy all . The bike is propelled by a 350W Samsung lithium-Ion battery which turns the treadmill while you walk. The battery will generate power for a typical rider to get 30 .