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Fitbit recently took over two cult smartwatch companies – but the outcome may not be quite what’s expected. Since then, we’ve shipped over million Pebbles around the world! Making Awesome Happen will live on at Fitbit.

Fitbit paid $million for smartwatch maker Pebble, according to Fitbit’s fourth quarter earnings report, released earlier today. Greetings, Pebble Devs, from our new home at Fitbit! After last week’s announcement and Dev Blog post, we wanted to share the latest about . Fitbit is definitely building a ‘proper’ smartwatch.

In case the acquisitions of not one but two smartwatch makers – Pebble and Vector – last year . There’s no doubting it now, a Fitbit smartwatch is in the works and the company is buying up more expertise in the field with startup Vector the . Solved: So I know this sounds dumb but I did it. Well I know Fitbit brought out Pebble and that eventually. It looks consolidation is acoming to the wearables space with Fitbit set to acquire smartwatch maker and $million Kickstarter-darling Pebble, . Back in December, the Kickstarter success story sold off its assets to Fitbit and was promptly shut down.

Today, we learned how much it was . The highest-profile acquisition (and most relevant to creating a smartwatch) is Fitbit’s Pebble buyout, which saw it taking the company’s IP . The CEO of the feisty smartwatch company explains what went wrong, and why Fitbit scooped it up.

Smartwatch maker Fitbit has confirmed it has bought competitor Pebble – for an undisclosed sum – but only its software. Fitbit has confirmed the long-held belief that it scooped up rival wearables maker Pebble for a bargain basement price before murdering the . After days of rumors and speculation, Pebble finally confirmed yesterday that it’s getting acquired by Fitbit. At first, this sounded like it might be a . Fitbit might no longer sell Pebble’s devices, but it won’t brick the smartwatches the smaller company already sold.

Fitbit vil have en del af smartwatch-kagen, og det skal opkøbet af Pebble hjælpe dem med. Last December, Pebble was acquired by Fitbit with all future hardware plans being canceled. Since then, however, there have been questions . Fitbit certainly hasn’t been quiet about its plans to ditch current Pebble watches; it made it clear when it confirmed its $million acquisition last . Fitbit is reportedly close to a deal to acquire pioneering smartwatch maker Pebble for $million or less, but it’s doubtful the fitness band maker .