Lactate threshold

Lactate threshold has been a term used for many years across all sports and it is one of the most daily pronounced terms in the world of training . Should you get an LT or Vmax test? These questions answere and more, in this breakdown of two commonly heard terms among triathletes.

One of the best measures of running fitness is lactate threshold. The concept of lactate-threshold training sounds complicate but if you want to make improvements as a runner, then it’s worth learning about . Learn why lactate and anaerobic thresholds (LT AT) are important. Use threshold information to train smarter .

Despite debate over blood lactate and its role in exercise, the lactate threshold is still used as an effective predictor of performance. Lactate threshold is the glass ceiling of cycling performance—it’s an invisible barrier that keeps you down. When you do crack through, the rewards are sweet.

Lactate threshold is the exercise intensity at which lactate (lactic acid) starts to accumulate in the bloodstream. In running, it is the estimated level of effort or pace . As my youngest daughter Sabrina might say, there are kabillion ways to estimate your lactate threshold.