Indo board

The Indo Board Balance Trainer is a complete line of balance boards for fun and physical training. Balance Board Exercises, Balance Fitness, Balance Rehab, . The Indo Original Balance Board consists of a 30” X 18” oval wooden deck that is made of cabinet grade, .

Welcome to the Indo Board website, home of Indo Board Products which are the best Balance Board products made. Indo Boards take balance board training to . The Original Training Package Natural is the original model and design Indo Board with an all wood board and large Indo Man logo on a . The official distributor for UK and Europe.

Complete new range of Indo Boards available in Stock. The Indo Board Original barefoot balance board comes with a wooden deck, plastic roller and an instructional DVD. Learning to use the Indo Board is fun but . The Indo Board Original Training Package Art deck is a blank deck that allows you to create your own design using paint, paint pens or whatever medium you . As of march 20InDo board offers different balance training products. Each product they make has a slightly different purpose and behaves .