Garmin sleep tracker

Over the last few days Garmin has enabled automatic sleep tracking on all of their sleep capable activity tracker devices. While you are sleeping, the device monitors your movement. Sleep statistics include total hours of sleep, sleep levels, and sleep movement.

During sleep mode, the device monitors your rest. Sleep statistics include total hours of sleep, periods of movement, and periods of restful sleep. Virtually every fitness tracker has the ability to map your shut-eye. They work by continuously monitoring your movements during sleep – known .

Garmin devices measure sleep in the same way as many other devices (watches, wristbands, bed strips, smartphones etc.) – by using the . But did you know that GPS company Garmin actually makes fitness. Today we’ll be reviewing the Vivofit – a fitness and sleep tracker that is . From wearables to in-bed gadgets, tech for sleep monitoring is getting. Which tracking option will reign supreme?

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