The patented weighted jump rope system from Crossrope will help you level up your training, learn how to do double unders with our Crossfit jump rope, and . Burn fat, build muscle, get fit, and save time all at once. Jumping rope is simply one of the most effective ways to tone your body and .

Crossrope Jump Ropes, Hampton, Virginia. CrossRope aims to take you beyond the regular rope and create an entire system for fitness. Unlike some companies, their goal is not to be the lightest rope out . Enter the CrossRope, a jump rope system that comes with weighted handles and cables in different thicknesses.

In theory, you combine the cords and handles . Jump rope training, workouts, and the elite CrossRope Jump Rope System. For the latest information on double unders and triple unders, heavy rope jumping, .

Cross Rope ropes are available in a variety of weights that allow beginners and experienced jumpers a variety of challenges. Crossrope, the ultimate skipping rope system from the U. Choose from a variety of sets, for all levels. Crossrope Premium Set – Complete Portable Jump Rope Set – Includes Weighted Jump Ropes – Adjustable Ropes – Bolt Handles – Rugged Handles . Instea start jumping with Crossrope. This is a convenient, quick, and portable way to burn calories wherever you are.

You might not have the time or access to . Crossrope jump ropes are designed to deliver a quick, powerful workout that boosts strength as well as stamina. Their weighted ropes generate force as they . CrossRope Quick Handles har et relativt smalt greb og passer både til de lette og tunge CrossRope-wirer. The CrossRope is a new jump rope system consisting of different size and weight cables designed to give you one of the toughest workouts . CrossRope has always stressed their modular jump rope systems; practice heavy, compete fast. The ability to change ropes on the fly is always .