Polar cadence sensor

The sensor works with Bluetooth Smart technology and consumes only a little energy. You can later analyze your training at the Polar Flow web service. Speed sensor Bluetooth Smart and cadence sensor Bluetooth Smart set.

Boost your cycling performance with our cadence and cycling speed sensors: find . Cadence sensor Bluetooth Smart with Polar V650. Polar Global › Support › Cadence sensor Bluetooth Smart product support . Troubleshooting Cadence Signal Reception, ›.

Boost your cycling performance and find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is. You can later analyse your training at the Polar Flow web service. Upgrade your Polar Cycle Computer with these Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensors, allowing you to further analyse your efforts and improve your . Video tutorial on how to install the Polar Cadence Sensor.

VeloGPS explore Polar’s Bluetooth Smart Speed Cadence Sensors for the Polar V6V800.