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Get additional information related to the voluntary recall of Fitbit Force, or learn more about getting a refund on your Force tracker. As many of you know, we chose to conduct a voluntary recall of the Fitbit Force in February 2014. Many of you have transitioned to our other trackers and we are .

Go from run to runway with these exclusive Fitbit accessories made by fashion’s top. Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your . The Fitbit Force leaps to the top of the fitness tracker heap, with a bright screen, comfortable fit, and a bevy of slick features. There’s been a voluntary recall, but the Fitbit Force remains one of the best activity trackers.

Please fill out the below form in order to register for a refund check of USD $140. Only the Fitbit Force is affected by this issue. The Fitbit Force takes everything we love about the Fitbit One and puts it into a secure wristban making it an affordable alternative for users . Even if you didn’t develop a rash on your wrist, you may still want to participate in Fitbit’s recall of its Force activity tracker. Get fast FREE shipping and our lowest price guarantee on Fitbit Fitness and Activity Trackers. FITBIT Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband (Large): Measures steps taken, distance travele calories burne stairs climbe minutes of activity and length . Last year, the Fitbit One was our favorite fitness tracker.

It had a great design, solid accuracy for steps and floors climbe and a nice screen. Fitbit announced today that it will recall its new Force model, after users complained of rashes and burns while wearing it. Replacement Cable for Fitbit FORCE Only Band Wireless Activity Bracelet Sport Wristband Fit Bit Flex Bracelet Sport Arm Band Armband Charging USB . The Fitbit Force earned rave reviews when it was initially release even winning the top spot on TIME’s list of the top fitness trackers. The Fitbit Force and the Fitbit Flex are two of the fitness trackers — which measure your daily amounts of exercise, calories consumed and . Fitbit is making its latest device to quantify your activity, the wrist-worn Force fitness tracker, official today. The Force is an evolution of the Flex, . Force is essentially a bigger and more advanced version of the Flex, the $activity-tracking wristband that Fitbit released in May.

How to recover your Fitbit Force from a CONSOLE error.