Compex pads

Shop EMS electrodes that can be used with Compex and other muscle stimulation devices. Our electrode pads are reusable for up to 15-times when used . Clean and degrease the skin with an alcohol swab or cotton ball with alcohol and then dry it before applying the pads.

Compatible with all Compex snap-on cable devices, electrodes play an important role during muscle stimulation; Electrodes are the points where the pulses are . Kvadratiske pads til din Compex-stimulator, måler cm x cm. Brug disse Compex pads 15-gange og udskift derefter for at sikre en . Self-Adhesive Electrodes, for use with Compex Electrotherapy Stimulators.

Hammer Nutrition’s Compex Snap Electrode Pads are used during muscle stimulation with Compex devices to increase effectiveness. Compex Unisex Adult ELECTRODES EASYSNAP PERFORMANCE X 50MM Electrodes Easysnap Performance X 50mm – Blue . Compex electrode pads play a very important role on any Compex session. They are in contact with your skin and are the responsible for the . Anyone using other electrode pads with the Compex performance unit?

Or it can only work with Compex pads only. Compex Easy Snap Compatible x Electrode. Comparison of Compex Compatible Electrodes with .